The Welsh Language: A History – Janet Davies

1) The Welsh Language: A History – Janet Davies
University of Wales Press | 2015 | PDF

This accessible and comprehensive introduction traces the development of the Welsh language from its origins, which extend back at least 2,500 years within Britain, to the present day, when about half a million people around the world speak Welsh.

Janet Davies offers a broad historical survey, looking at Welsh-language culture from sixth-century heroic poetry to television and pop music in the late twentieth century. She considers the public status of the language from the Act of Union with England of 1536 to the enactment of the Welsh Language Act in 1993, compares the status of Welsh with that of other minority languages throughout Europe and provides a brief guide to pronunciation, dialect, and grammar.

2) The Welsh Language and its Social Domains 1801-1911 – Geraint H. Jenkins
University of Wales Press | 2000 | PDF

This volume contains 22 chapters dealing with the status of the Welsh language in a wide range of social domains, including agriculture and industry, education, religion, politics, law and culture.

3) The Welsh Language and the 1891 Census – Mari A. Williams, Gwenfair Parry
University of Wales Press | 1999 | PDF

The 1891 census was the first to collect information about the language spoken by the people of Wales, and is therefore a particularly reliable source for historians analyzing the socio-economic structure of Weslh- and English-language ability and the process of language change in Wales at the end of the 19th century.

4) Let’s Do Our Best for the Ancient Tongue: The Welsh Language in the Twentieth Century – Geraint H. Jenkins, Mari A. Williams
University of Wales Press | 2000 | PDF

Covering such aspects as politics, journalism, broadcasting, education, religion and literature, this text presents a comprehensive history of the Welsh language, exploring its changing significance throughout the 20th century.