What is Life?

What is Life?: Understand Biology in Five Steps


Life is all around us, abundant and diverse, it is extraordinary. But what
does it actually mean to be alive?

Nobel prize-winner Paul Nurse has spent his career revealing how living
cells work. In this book, he takes up the challenge of defining life in a
way that every reader can understand.

It is a shared journey of discovery; step by step he illuminates five great
ideas that underpin biology. He traces the roots of his own curiosity and
knowledge to reveal how science works, both now and in the past. Using his
personal experiences, in and out of the lab, he shares with us the
challenges, the lucky breaks, and the thrilling eureka moments of discovery.

To survive the challenges that face the human race today – from climate
change, to pandemics, loss of biodiversity and food security – it is vital
that we all understand what life is.

A beautifully written exploration of perhaps the most important question
in science.’ Brian Cox