Bernie Mac – I Don’t Care If You Like Me, I Like Me

Bernie Mac – I Don’t Care If You Like Me, I Like Me


Are y’all ready to get yourself together? It’s time for you to start livin’ your best life, and all you gotta do is read one got-d*mn page a day. You think you can handle that? Sure you can. You can do anything you wanna do, but you never gonna hit a home run if you ain’t steppin’ up to the plate.

You got yourself a dream? You got a vision? There ain’t no sugarcoatin’ it. The only one who’s gonna make it happen is you, but this book is gonna help. It’s alright—we all need a little help once in a while.

I Don’t Care if You Like Me, I Like Me is 365 days of Bernie Mac tellin’ it like it T-I-Iz. You gonna be gettin’ some of his best advice, his personal stories showin’ y’all that what he’s tellin’ you works, and some commentary from Rhonda ’cuz that woman knows what’s up.

We’re talkin’ about bein’ your best self, gettin’ better in your relationships, findin’ your place in the world, and openin’ up that door to plentitude. So, the choice is yours. Are you ready to be the best sumb*tch you can be? You wanna be happy and successful?

You got somethin’ more important goings on right now? Quit procrasternatin’ and do it.