Assertiveness Training: How to Stand Up for Yourself, Boost Your Confidence, and Improve Assertive Communication Skills

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Assertiveness Training: How to Stand Up for Yourself, Boost Your Confidence, and Improve Assertive Communication Skills

Stop being a pushover – it’s time for you to be seen, be heard, and to get what you deserve.

Have you spent the better portion of your life physically and mentally unable to strive for what you really want, passively riding the waves as they come?

Are you constantly considerate of others’ feelings, having made too many compromises in the past that have left you feeling unfulfilled and empty?

Do you feel as if you have been walking in unfitted shoes for as long as you can remember, never daring to ask yourself the most valuable and fundamental question:

“What do I want for myself?”

You may currently be facing an unsettling internal conflict, wondering how you can assert yourself and express your genuine thoughts, needs, and opinions without being aggressive or disliked by those around you.

Your generosity and kindness are indeed a double-edged sword – they may feel like your weaknesses, but you need to realize that they are also two of your most admirable strengths.

Only then will you be able to find real balance in your life.

Being assertive isn’t synonymous with being aggressive or unfriendly – it is very much possible to be confident and firm all while being polite and kind.

True assertiveness, rooted in a real inner desire to build relationships instead of destroying them, is a rare and precious commodity among people nowadays.

The mere fact that you’re striving for it shows off your undeniable strength and ability to transform and evolve as a human being.

There’s no reason to be held back by discomfort and fear anymore – with the right training, your timid nature will undoubtedly subside, making room for the assertive person you’ve always longed to be.

In Assertiveness Training, you will discover:

How to recognize the subtle behaviors that have been hindering your path to self-fulfillment, as well as ways to start transforming them into more positive and self-affirming habits
Scientifically proven steps to practice self-awareness and emotional control to avoid the most common emotional setbacks barricading the way between you and your assertive self
How to tackle the anxiety and fear that come from your first attempts at being assertive, making assertiveness second nature
A plethora of situation-based tips and tricks that will guide you through the process of knowing exactly what to say and do to let people know that you’re not to be walked over
Comprehensive guidance on how to be assertive in your workplace to finally get the recognition and respect you deserve
How to find the right balance between passive and aggressive behavior to gain genuine respect from others, untainted by pity or fear
A step-by-step action plan, taking you on a transformative journey towards building more confidence that’s rooted in a polite and kind contact with the people around you

And much more.