The Shortest History of Europe – John Hirst

1) The Shortest History of Europe – John Hirst
Black Inc. | 2012 | EPUB

The Shortest History of Europe begins with a rapid overview of European civilisation, describing its birth from an unlikely mixture of classical learning, Christianity and German warrior culture. Over the centuries, this unstable blend produced highly distinctive characters – pious knights and belligerent popes, romantics spouting folklore and revolutionaries imitating Rome – and its coming apart provided the dynamic of European history in modern times.

Accompanied by lively illustrations, The Shortest History of Europe is a clear, humorous and thought-provoking account of a remarkable civilisation. This new edition brings the story into the present, covering the world wars and beyond.

2) Australian History in 7 Questions – John Hirst
Black Inc. | 2016 | EPUB

If there are genuine questions about Australian history, there is something to puzzle over. The history ceases to be predictable—and dull.

From the author of The Shortest History of Europe, acclaimed historian John Hirst, comes this fresh and stimulating approach to understanding Australia’s past and present.

Hirst asks and answers questions that get to the heart of Australia’s history:
• Why did Aborigines not become farmers?
• How did a penal colony change peacefully to a democracy?
• Why was Australia so prosperous so early?
• Why did the Australian colonies federate?
• What effect did convict origins have on national character?
• Why was the postwar migration programme a success?
• Why is Australia not a republic?