W.Somerset Maugham-Of Human Bondage
Rating 4.675

Description:”Of Human Bondage”- one of the most famous novels by English writer William Somerset Maugham, written in 1915. The main character of the book – Philip Carey, lame orphan whose fate is traced from an unhappy childhood to college years. Philip painful quest for his calling and trying to figure out what is the meaning of life. He will experience a lot of frustration and part with many illusions, before he could find the answer to this question.
The first chapter in the life of Philip Bleksteble uncle and aunt and study at the Royal School in Terkenberi where Philip suffered a lot of bullying because of his lame leg. Relatives hope that after graduation, Philip went to Oxford and take holy orders, but the young man feels that he has no present to this vocation. Instead, he went to Heidelberg (Germany), where teaches Latin, German and French.