Stronger Than You Think: The 10 Blind Spots That Undermine Your Relationship

Stronger Than You Think: The 10 Blind Spots That Undermine Your Relationship…and How to See Past Them

February 9th, 2021

Discover the ten myths sabotaging your love life, and the practical, science-backed tools you can use to reveal your relationship’s hidden strengths and build a fulfilling, long-lasting bond.

Dr. Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. is a nationally recognized expert on the psychology of relationships. In his first book, heblends hot-off-the-press science, engaging writing, impactful examples, and fascinating stories to present an impressive range of refreshing and eye-opening set of insights.

For instance, did you know that. . .
To forecast your relationship’s future, you are the worst person to ask.
Men are the real romantics in heterosexual relationships, not women.
The amount of sex you should have to keep your relationship going strong is lower than you think.
It’s okay to be selfish. Putting me before you, can help both of you.
When it comes to closeness, you can have too much of a good thing.
Struggles actually strengthen your relationship.
In terms of partner support, what you’re not seeing is more important than what you notice.
When your relationship doesn’t help you become a better person, ending it does.

A bold, fresh take on what it means to love and be loved, Stronger Than You Think will help you more confidently and accurately view yourself and your relationship-so that you can fully appreciate the love you have, or find the one you want and deserve