Pullman, Philip – The Subtle Knife [His Dark Materials 2]

Pullman, Philip – The Subtle Knife [His Dark Materials 2]Genre:

Description:The main heroine – Lira – crosses the border of the worlds, and is in England at the end of XX century, where he met with the will. Will 12 years. He is forced to commit a crime. Fleeing from persecution, determined to learn the truth about the missing many years ago my father, he accidentally gets in Читтагацце – a strange city of abandoned children. In the mysterious Читтагацце the Lira, and the will’s spooky adventure, ghosts, they that devour the souls of adults and not трогающие children, the witch and the angels. Here they can find and lose their loved ones, there will be a custodian of the Miraculous knife, вырезающего window into other people’s worlds. Lyra and will come to the world in different ways, they have different goals, but they are United by a great destiny…