Perrine Farque – The Successful Hybrid Team

Perrine Farque – The Successful Hybrid Team


In The Successful Hybrid Team: What the Best Hybrid Teams Know About Culture that Others Don’t (But Wish They Did), award-winning diversity and inclusion expert Perrine Farque delivers an eye-opening look into what distinguishes world-class teams from the also-rans. The book explores the permanent changes being made in the modern workplace, how hybrid work is fundamentally changing the nature of teams, and the overwhelming importance of culture in determining performance.

The author introduces a four-pillar framework that details what you need to do to hire, lead, and retain a high-performing team in a hybrid world. You’ll discover how to create a unified hybrid leadership team, how to build extreme clarity and transparency, how to overcommunicate through digital channels, and how to unify cross-cultural remote teams with cultural awareness. The book also offers:

– A deep dive into topics like how and why meetings are important, and how to best leverage them in a hybrid environment
– Descriptions of the most common pitfalls experienced by those leading hybrid teams and how to avoid them
– Useful tips, resources, and checklists that supplement the four-pillar framework discussed in the book

A can’t-miss resource for executives, managers, and other business leaders who find themselves dealing with the new reality of hybrid and remote work, The Successful Hybrid Team will also earn a place in the libraries of human resources and DEI professionals, remote workers, and anyone else who regularly interacts with colleagues, direct reports, or supervisors in a hybrid environment.