Money : A User’s Guide by Laura Whateley

Money_: A User’s Guide by Laura Whateley

Take control of your personal finances with this concise, timely and indispensable guide from acclaimed money expert Laura Whateley.

Ten years on from the financial crash, and we are still bad with money. We press ‘cash only’ at ATMs and accept that we’ll be paying back our student loans with our pension savings.

Money: A User’s Guide cuts through all the panic of personal finances. It will teach you how to get a great credit score and how to save hundreds on bills and offers practical advice on every difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding including:

Housing (for renters and buyers)
Student Loans
Paying off debt
Stocks and shares
Ethical investments
Money and mental health
Money and love

This essential book will give you the confidence and clarity to take back control of your bank account, enabling you to thrive in all areas of your life.