Matthew Dicks – Someday Is Today

Matthew Dicks – Someday Is Today


Are you good at dreaming about what you’re going to accomplish “someday” but not good at finding the time and getting started? How will you actually make that decision and do it? The answer is this book, which offers proven, practical, and simple ways to turn random minutes throughout your days into pockets of productivity, and dreams into accomplishments.

In addition to presenting his own winning strategies for getting from dreaming to doing, Matthew Dicks offers insights from a wide range of creative people — writers, editors, performers, artists, and even magicians — on how to augment inspiration with motivation. His actionable steps will help you:

– silence negative messages from family, friends, and teachers
– eliminate time-sucking activities (and people)
– be willing to make terrible things
– find supporters here, there, and everywhere
– cultivate optimism in the face of negativity and obstacles

Each strategy is accompanied by amusing and inspiring personal and professional anecdotes and a clear plan of action. Someday Is Today will give you every tool to get started and finish that _________ [fill in the blank].