Joel Osteen – Stay in the Game

Joel Osteen – Stay in the Game


Living our best lives requires us to be all in, all in the time. When everything is to be going your way, it can be easy to make good decisions and do the right thing, but it’s also easy to become complacent and stop giving your best. And what about when times are tough and nothing is happening in your favor? It can be even tougher to stay in the game when you don’t feel like it and the voices of defeat tell you, “You’re done. There’s nothing good in your future.”

Don’t believe tricks that life’s ups and downs can play on your emotions, your mind, and your attitude. Staying in the game requires living out truths we know, even if we don’t feel them to be true. When nothing is going your way and negativity tells you that you should be on the sidelines nursing your wounds—you’re still in the game. And when life seems easy, with no storms on the horizon, you’re still showing up and giving every day your best. You’re still expecting great things, and there are rewards in store for people who are faithful through both hardship and times of ease.

There are a million reasons to sit on the sidelines, but no matter what hand life deals you, good things are already on their way, and your effort has been noticed. Be courageous and Stay in the Game; your future is full of opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Derived from content previously published in The Power of I Am and Break Out!