Howard Love – The Start-Up J Curve

Howard Love – The Start-Up J Curve


Does your life as an entrepreneur feel too random and unpredictable? Are you struggling to keep up with the constant changes, challenges and decisions? Howard Love has over 35 years of start-up experience, and he shows you the pattern almost all start-up companies share and it’s not the one you expect.

As the co-founder of over 15 start-ups and an investor for 50 early stage ventures, Love has learned that start-ups actually unfold in a predictable pattern. In his book, The Start-Up J Curve, Love outlines the six stages of start-up growth, explaining how to avoid pitfalls and the specific steps you can take to ensure success. By anticipating the challenges, founders and investors alike can overcome obstacles and ride the curve to the top.

In The Start-Up J Curve, you’ll discover:
Where you are in the process from start to IPO and what to do next
How to focus on what’s important to save yourself time and money
How to adapt your original idea into a successful product
The personal challenges that founders face, and how to handle them.
How to increase your odds of success, and much, much more!
When you’re more aware of the pattern start-ups follow, you’re more equipped to capitalize on it. The Start-Up J Curve gives you the tools you need to get through the early challenges and reach the primary value creation that lies beyond.

Love has a brilliant way of mixing real world examples with expert practical advice that results in an easy to follow blueprint for entrepreneurial success. The Start-Up J Curve is the book that millions of entrepreneurs have been waiting for.