Gina S. Calvano – From Burnout to Purpose

Gina S. Calvano – From Burnout to Purpose


If your job leaves you feeling exhausted, crabby, and powerless, From Burnout to Purpose is a must-read for reviving yourself on a soul level.

Burnout, just like a connection with purpose, is never a coincidence. It is a consequence. If you want to have a job you love instead of one that diminishes you on a soul level, practice awareness about what you are thinking, your urges for action, and feelings that surface within you. That way you won’t keep creating what’s keeping you exactly where you don’t want to be—feeling confused, stuck, detached from a sense of purpose, or burned out.

Author and Certified Career Coach Gina Calvano offers a new perspective on why you feel disconnected from your work and burned out by your job. She delivers fresh insights on how to replenish your energy and power, along with accessible ideas for healing from job burnout and getting onto a path to purpose.

In From Burnout to Purpose you’ll discover:

– How to recognize if you are on the slippery slope to burnout or if you are already burned out and don’t know it
– A new approach to work—how to operate primarily from energy versus effort
– The OPEN Method: a simple four-step process for restoring your well-being
– Mini-practices for self-nurturing care to restore your vigor, civility, and personal power

It’s time to change the way you take care of yourself during times of stress, get yourself on track for fulfillment, and make a meaningful difference in the world. From Burnout to Purpose will show you how—even at the job that’s draining you!