DK Children – How to Be Good at English Language Arts

DK Children – How to Be Good at English Language Arts


Need help telling your adjectives from your adverbs? Struggling to work out what that poem is really about, or where to begin with your essay? Then this may be the book for you! How to be Good at English Language Arts uses short, straightforward explanations and clear graphics to shed light on the trickiest of topics, making this language-learning book the perfect guide to understanding and using the English language.

Illustrated examples make daunting grammar accessible and fun, and help develop an understanding that can be applied to school studies. Annotated texts complement concise, practical guidance to support students in developing sound analytical and writing skills. The carefully selected reading recommendations will inspire reading for pleasure, while clear links between topics will ensure that students not only understand language techniques but know how to apply them effectively.

Dive into the pages of this great grammar guide for kids to discover:

-Visual explanations make concepts easy to grasp at first glance
-Every topic is broken down into short sections of text written in simple language
-Annotated texts provide students with clear guidance on identifying and applying language techniques effectively
-“Further reading” features encourage reading for pleasure
-“World of words” features bring English to life, connecting language on the page with language in the real world

How to be Good at English Language Arts will inspire students to uncover and enjoy the art and power of language, supporting them on their way to becoming confident and accomplished readers, writers, and speakers. The highly visual approach alongside clear, short explanations breaks down the language and makes the subject easy to understand, whilst also supporting education curricula around the world for children aged 9-12; it is also suitable for foreign students studying English language and literature, and an ideal resource for children studying at home.