David Nurse – Do It

David Nurse – Do It


No matter what is holding you back, Do It offers a proven solution to actualizing the life you long for. Author and renowned mindset specialist, David Nurse, reveals the nine reasons that you don’t take action, how to successfully overcome your personal roadblocks, and the secret to achieving remarkable results.

The reason you aren’t accomplishing your dreams is not because you don’t want to; it’s because you don’t know how to. And the reason you don’t know how to is not because you aren’t capable or smart enough. It’s simply because you―and 99% of the population―have roadblocks you are completely unaware of. Before you can conquer the enemy, you must identify the enemy. Based on extensive research studies, the science of the heart and mind connection, and captivating examples throughout history, Do It reveals the enemy that is holding you back―what Nurse calls your “action archetype.” These arechetypes include The Allodaxophobic, The Burned, The Blamer, The Perfectionist, and more.

Through the nine archetypes, you’ll learn profound lessons about yourself and you’ll come away:

– A newfound awareness about what holds you back
– Powerful, actionable tools to propel you forward
– Stories of influential people who have overcome their own roadblocks to achieve extraordinary success

Nurse’s revolutionary philosophy will completely reshape the way you think about failure and success and propel you to levels you didn’t even imagine were possible―all through the life-changing habit of taking action.