Cindy McGovern – Sell Yourself

Cindy McGovern – Sell Yourself


No matter what your role or title is at work, selling is an important part of what you do―whether you’re selling a product, an idea, or a new way of doing things. But, before you can sell any of those things you have to sell yourself. Creating your own personal brand―and promoting it in all you do―is essential to achieving your professional goals and getting ahead in life.

In Sell Yourself, renowned sales and leadership expert and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Dr. Cindy McGovern guides you through the process of intentionally creating, living, and selling your own personal brand.

Even those who don’t view themselves as being “in sales” will quickly agree that everyone has a personal brand―whether they know it or not. Throughout this book, Dr. Cindy reveals the secrets to selling yourself―your vision and ideas―in a way that’s thoughtful, active and deliberate. You’ll learn about how to apply the most effective selling strategies to your personal brand, and how these strategies can help you create and live a personal brand that will be easy to sell.

Full of time-tested strategies and real-world anecdotes to help you visualize how to put these powerful ideas into practice, Sell Yourself goes far beyond showing you why it’s so important to create your personal brand. It helps you embrace the notion that that everyone sells, and anyone can sell better; especially when the idea you’re selling is you. And once you believe in you, the rest of the world will, too.