An Anthropological Toolkit: Sixty Useful Concepts by David Zeitlyn

An Anthropological Toolkit: Sixty Useful Concepts by David Zeitlyn

2022 | Education & Reference

Presenting 60 theoretical ideas, David Zeitlyn argues ‘How to write about anthropological theory without making a specific theoretical argument.’

“David Zeitlyn has written a wryly engaging, short book on, essentially, why we should not become theoretical partisans—that, indeed, being a serious theorist means accepting precisely that principle.”—Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University

To answer, he gives a series of mini essays about an eclectic collection of theoretical concepts that over many years he has found helpful. The book celebrates the muddled inconsistencies in the ways that humans live their messy lives. However, for all the mess, there are patterns discernable: the actors can understand what is going on, they see an event unfolding in ways that are familiar, as belonging to a certain type and therefore, Zeitlyn suggests, so can researchers.

From the introduction:

This book promotes an eclectic, multi-faceted anthropology in which multiple approaches are applied in pursuit of the limited insights which each can afford…. I do not endorse any one of these idea as supplying an exclusive path to enlightenment: I absolutely do not advocate any single position. As a devout nonconformist, I hope that the following sections provide material, ammunition and succour to those undertaking nuanced anthropological analysis (and their kin in related disciplines)…. Mixing up or combining different ideas and approaches can produce results that, in their breadth and richness, are productive for anthropology and other social sciences, reflecting the endless complexities of real life.