Historical Dictionary of Mauritania – Anthony

1) Historical Dictionary of Mauritania – Anthony G. Pazzanita
Scarecrow Press | 1996 | EPUB

Mauritania is bordered by Senegal in the south, Mali in the east, Algeria in the far northeast, and the disputed territory of Western Sahara to the north. Comprised mostly of vast stretches of desert, this young country has escaped the ravages of the violent interstate and civil conflicts that have so bedeviled Africa. Mauritanian society possesses ancient antecedents and a universal religious faith that has been practiced over several centuries. These characteristics have given the country a sometimes fragile but relatively resilient sense of national identity, which has survived into the 21st century in the face of powerful political, regional, ethnic/racial, and tribal rivalries since its independence in 1960. An economy largely centered on the export of raw materials, a weak agricultural sector, and a harsh climate in most areas further add to the challenges confronting all Mauritanians.

2) Historical Dictionary of Chad – Samuel Decalo
Scarecrow Press | 1997 | EPUB

One of Africa’s largest yet least known countries, Chad has a rich pre-colonial heritage and a turbulent recent political history. This latest edition of the Historical Dictionary of Chad features new tables that list important statistics on its economic conditions ― principal crops, gross domestic product, public finances, and main trade partners, as well as six maps, a list of abbreviations and acronyms, and a selected chronology.

3) Historical Dictionary of Niger – Samuel Decalo
Scarecrow Press | 1997 | EPUB

Written by one of the foremost authorities on West Africa, the third edition of the Historical Dictionary of Noger provides an updated and easy-to-use single-volume reference for scholars of West Africa and Third World development.

4) Historical Dictionary of the Sudan – Richard A., Jr. Lobban
Scarecrow Press | 1992 | EPUB

A comprehensive reference and research tool for undergraduate students and generalist researchers.

5) Historical Dictionary of Ethiopia and Eritrea – Chris Prouty
Scarecrow Press | 1994 | EPUB

Rapid change both worldwide and in Ethiopia necessitated this revised edition. Contains considerable material on Eritrea as well as Ethiopia.