Magic and Magicians in the Greco-Roman World – Matthew Dickie

1) Magic and Magicians in the Greco-Roman World – Matthew Dickie
Routledge | 2002 | PDF

This study is the first to assemble the evidence for the existence of sorcerors in the ancient world; it also addresses the question of their identity and social origins. The resulting investigation takes us to the underside of Greek and Roman society, into a world of wandering holy men and women, conjurors and wonder-workers, and into the lives of prostitutes, procuresses, charioteers and theatrical performers.

This fascinating reconstruction of the careers of witches and sorcerors allows us to see into previously inaccessible areas of Greco-Roman life. Compelling for both its detail and clarity, and with an extraordinarily revealing breadth of evidence employed, it will be an essential resource for anyone studying ancient magic.

2) Religion and Magic in Ancient Egypt – Ann Rosalie David
Penguin | 2002 | EPUB

The ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile – their life source – was a divine gift. Religion and magic permeated their civilization, and this book provides a unique insight into their religious beliefs and practices, from 5000 BC to the 4th century AD, when Egyptian Christianity replaced the earlier customs. Arranged chronologically, this book provides a fascinating introduction to the world of half-human/ half-animal gods and goddesses; death rituals, the afterlife and mummification; the cult of sacred animals, pyramids, magic and medicine. An appendix contains translations of Ancient Eygtian spells.

3) Guide to the Study of Ancient Magic – David Frankfurter
BRILL | 2019 | PDF

This volume seeks to advance the study of ancient magic through separate discussions of ancient terms for ambiguous or illicit ritual, the ancient texts commonly designated magical, and contexts in which the term magic may be used descriptively.

• PART 1: Introduction
Ch.1. Ancient Magic in a New Key: Refining an Exotic Discipline in the History of Religions
Ch.2. The Plan of This Volume
• PART 2: Cultural Constructions of Ambiguous, Unsanctioned, or Illegitimate Ritual
Ch.3. Introduction
Ch.4. Mesopotamia
Ch.5. Iran
Ch.6. Egypt
Ch.7. Greece
Ch.8. Ancient Israel and Early Judaism
Ch.9. Rome and the Roman Empire
Ch.10. Early Christianity
Ch.11. Roman and Byzantine Egypt
• PART 3: The Materials of Ancient Magic
Ch.12. Introduction
Ch.13. The Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyri
Ch.14. Christian Spells and Manuals from Egypt
Ch.15. Binding Spells on Tablets and Papyri
Ch.16. Jewish Amulets, Magic Bowls, and Manuals in Aramaic and Hebrew
Ch.17. Gems
Ch.18. Figurines, Images, and Representations Used in Ritual Practices
Ch.19. Textual Amulets and Writing Traditions in the Ancient World
Ch.20. Building Ritual Agency: Foundations, Floors, Doors, and Walls
• PART 4: Dimensions of a Category Magic
Ch.21. Introduction
Ch.22. Spell and Speech Act: The Magic of the Spoken Word
Ch.23. The Magic of Writing in Mediterranean Antiquity
Ch.24. Magic and the Forces of Materiality
Ch.25. The Magical Elements of Mysticism: Ritual Strategies for Encountering Divinity
Ch.26. Magic and Theurgy
Ch.27. Magic as the Local Application of Authoritative Tradition
Ch.28. Magic and Social Tension