500 Great Military Leaders [2 volumes] –

500 Great Military Leaders [2 volumes] – Spencer C. Tucker (Editor)
ABC-CLIO | 2014 | EPUB

From Alexander the Great and Attila the Hun to Ho Chi Minh and Colin Powell, 500 Great Military Leaders provides readers with insight into the most innovative and prominent individuals who have led armies to victory on battlefields all over the world. The broad coverage ranges from military leaders from the ancient world to the present day, including political figures who directed war efforts and those who were responsible for major technological improvements. This encyclopedia goes beyond providing factual information about each individual’s life to delve into the greater historical context and impact on their contemporaries as well as on future military history. The presentation of information is designed to enable readers to both observe the gradual evolution of warfare over time and clearly perceive the differences in tactics used by generals with varying military resources at their disposal.

The entries include not only information on the individual’s life and work but a summary statement that assesses successes and failures across each leader’s career and summarizes the overall impact. Each entry also provides several references for further reading about that individual. The accessible writing style of this resource and in-depth information and analyses make it appropriate for high school and undergraduate-level students as well as scholars of military history and individuals who simply enjoy reading about military history.

• Profiles 500 military commanders who had a major impact on history in A–Z entries written in plain, easily understood language
• Provides critical analyses of the individuals themselves, off the field, as well as their significant contributions to military history―and in some cases, world history
• Includes more than 40 sidebars that provide interesting facts and insight into various military leaders as well as extensive references for further reading