The History of Serbia – John

1) The History of Serbia – John K. Cox
Greenwood | 2002 | EPUB

With the outbreak of war in the former Yugoslavia in 1991, interest in Balkan history has increased and become emotionally charged. This balanced and engagingly written history of Serbia will help readers to understand the complex web of Serbian history, politics, society, and culture and how the Serbs have dealt with the many political, military, and socioeconomic challenges in their history. It attempts to remove the veil of stereotypes and myths obscuring the significant details and developmental processes in the history of Serbia and in its relations with its neighbors. In addition to examining the political history of Serbia in the context of Central Europe, the author, a specialist in Balkan history, shows how societal and cultural developments affected Serbian history and reflected political and economic events.

A timeline of significant events in the history of Serbia and an introductory chapter on Serbia today are followed by 12 chronologically organized narrative chapters that tell the story of this land from the splendor of medieval Serbia to a new beginning after the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic. Four historical maps, brief biographies of key figures in Serbian history, a glossary of terms, and a bibliographic essay provide valuable resource material for readers. Every library should update its collection of materials on Serbia with this current history.

2) The Serbs – Sima M. Cirkovic
Wiley-Blackwell | 2008 | PDF

This sweeping history of the Serbian people starts with the settlement of the Slavs on the Balkan Peninsula in the seventh century and ends with the dissolution of Yugoslavia at the end of the twentieth century.

• A comprehensive survey of the development of the Serbian nation.
• Provides the background history of the Serbs, essential to understanding their current situation.
• Traces the history of the Serbian people from the seventh through to the late twentieth century.
• Focuses on the process of integration and disintegration which have characterised Serbian history.
• Pays detailed attention to socio-economic history.