Disappearing Peoples?: Indigenous Groups and Ethnic

1) Disappearing Peoples?: Indigenous Groups and Ethnic Minorities in South and Central Asia – Barbara Brower, Barbara Rose Johnston
Routledge | 2007 | PDF

South and Central Asia is a region of extraordinary cultural and environmental diversity and home to nearly one-quarter of the earth’s population. Among these diverse peoples are some whose ways of life are threatened by the accelerating assault of forces of change including environmental degradation, population growth, land loss, warfare, disease, and the penetration of global markets. This volume examines twelve Asian groups whose way of life is endangered. Some are “indigenous” peoples, some are not; each group represents a unique answer to the question of how to survive and thrive on the planet earth, and illustrates both the threats and the responses of peoples caught up in the struggle to sustain cultural meaning, identity, and autonomy. Each chapter, written by an expert scholar for a general audience, offers a cultural overview, explores both threats to survival and the group’s responses, and provokes discussion and further research with “food for thought.” This powerful documentation of both tragedy and hope for the twenty-first-century survival of centuries-old cultures is a key reference for anyone interested in the region, in cultural survival, or in the interplay of diversification and homogenization.

2) Encyclopedia of Stateless Nations. Ethnic and National Groups around the World (2nd Edition) – James B. Minahan
Greenwood | 2016 | PDF

This book addresses the numerous national movements of ethnic groups around the world seeking independence, more self-rule, or autonomy—movements that have proliferated exponentially in the 21st century.

• Provides readers with an understanding of a global phenomenon that continues even today
• Presents specific, hard-to-find information on the many ethnic and national groups seeking greater self-government in an easy-to-access format with up-to-date facts and histories
• Provides further reading suggestions, an index, and an appendix of dates of independence declarations by nation