Victoria Waller – Yes!

Victoria Waller – Yes! Your Child Can


Every child can succeed in school and life, but some children need more help than others. For over 40 years, internationally acclaimed reading specialist and student advocate Dr. Victoria E. Waller has helped children who have trouble reading, who can’t sit still in class, who don’t feel like they can participate—children whom teachers have all but given up on. In Yes! Your Child Can, Dr. Waller shares with parents, teachers, and therapists her proven techniques to create success for children with learning differences and draw out the singular genius within your child.

In compassionate, nontechnical, easy-to-understand language, Yes! Your Child Can gives step-by-step guidance on how to help your child achieve in school and build lifelong intellectual confidence. Drawing on the latest science and her own wide-ranging experience, Dr. Waller explains why it’s important to pay attention to your first gut feeling that your child may need extra help and shows how to navigate testing, medication, and choosing a team to help your child.

Most importantly, Yes! Your Child Can shows you how to use your child’s natural strengths and passions to build their academic, social, and personal confidence. Dr. Waller empowers parents to let their children follow their own interests, whether that’s learning about sharks, reading to the dog, or building with Legos and writing about their creations. With Dr. Waller’s help, learning can be motivating and fun. Dr. Waller’s techniques are smart, caring, and effective with any child, no matter their current or past educational difficulties.

Respectful, compassionate, and offering real help, Yes! Your Child Can is the first book every parent of a child with learning differences should read.