Tibetan Yoga: Magical Movements of Body, Breath, and Mind

Tibetan Yoga: Magical Movements of Body, Breath, and Mind

Discover the hidden tradition of Tibetan yoga, a practice of magical movement for wellness of body, breath, and mind.

In Tibetan Yoga, discover ancient Tibetan yogic practices that integrate body, breath, and mind on the journey to personal cultivation and enlightenment.

Tibetan Yoga offers accessible instructions for performing the ancient yogic techniques of Tibet’s Bön religion. This is Tibetan yoga, or trul khor, a deeply authentic yogic practice.

Drawing on thirty years of training with Bön’s most senior masters as well as advanced academic study, Dr. Alejandro Chaoul offers expert guidance on practices that were first developed by Bön masters over a millennium ago, framing them according to the needs of contemporary yoga practitioners and meditators.

No matter their level of experience, dedicated practitioners of Tibetan yoga will discover its ability to clear away obstacles and give rise to meditative states of mind.

In this book you’ll learn what it means to practice for the benefit of all beings, and to experience your body as a mandala, from center to periphery.

These movements help you live in a more interconnected mind-breath-body experience, with benefits including:
• better focus,
• stress reduction,
• the elimination of intrusive thoughts,
• better sleep,
• and general well-being.