The Whole Brain Leader: 8-Dimensional Approach

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The Whole Brain Leader: 8-Dimensional Approach

Year: 2018

With the Whole Brain Leader Development Model as its foundation, this book describes the steps that leaders need to take to become Whole Brain Leaders. Whole Brain Leaders focus on their own development as well as on the development of their organization. They lead as coaches and apply the power of Whole Brain Thinking within and beyond their organizations.

Becoming a Whole Brain Leader is the result of a process of horizontal as well as vertical leadership development. Horizontal leadership development is about improving skills and knowledge and vertical leadership development is about expanding your mindset and improving your way of thinking. This book presents four steps of development, and leaders at each stage of development can coach their colleagues in their unique development journey.

This book helps you to translate your individual leadership to leadership as a process for your whole organization. You will be able to set up a transformation plan fit for your organization, and coach as a leader, engaging your team in a leadership process

About the Author
Ingvar Jonsson is a writer, entertainer, and a performance coach within the field of leadership and personal development. He holds a degree in international marketing and an MB

He has built his recent success by training managers and leaders to harness the diverseness of their people by using the LAC (Leader as a Coach) approach together with Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI). Ingvar is the CEO of Profectus in Iceland and Whole Brain Solutions, the Scandinavian Agency for NBI.

In December 2017, his latest book, Your Best Self in 21 Days-For Ordinary People Who Want an Extraordinary Life, was published in Iceland.

Their paths first crossed in Amsterdam in the fall of 2014, at an NBI licensees meeting. It was by pure coincidence that they were sitting next to each other. They discussed their backgrounds; interestingly enough, they discovered that destiny had brought them together. Their walks in life, both personal and professional, were ridiculously similar. They shared the same passion for leadership development, read many of the same books, both finished their MB