The Other Kurds: Yazidis in Colonial Iraq

The Other Kurds: Yazidis in Colonial Iraq – Nelida Fuccaro
I.B.Tauris | 1999 | PDF

Offers an account — from the Kurdish perspective — of a fascinating and complex tribal society under the British Mandat, when the Yazidis resisted integration into modern Iraq and failed to identify with the aspirations of mainstream Kurdish society and the rising Kurdish movement.

1. Tribe, Sect and State
• Kurdish Tribes and Yazidi Religion
• The Yazidi Polity of Northern Iraq
• The Yazidi Kurds and the State: Ottoman Reform
2. Communities and Tribes
• Yazidis and Christians
• Inter-communalism
• The Yazidi Tribes
• Tribes, Traders and Resources
• Land Disputes During the Mandate
3. Colonial Rule
• Colonial Rule and Rural Communities
• Tribal Policies in Sinjar
• The Iraqi Administration and the Christian Question
• Tribal Affairs: The 1925 Disturbances
• Tribal Authority
4. Tribes, Borders and Nation Building
• The RAF and the Mosul Dispute
• The Border Between Iraq and Syria: Anglo-French Policy
• Border Disturbances: Yazidis and Bedouins
• Kurdish Trans-Regional Identities
5. Inter-Communal Strife and Political Mobilisation
• Communities, the League of Nations and Minorities
• Attempts at Yazidi Religious Reform: The Anti-Emirate of Sinjar
• The Parading of the Peacock
• The Politicisation of Communalism
• The Christian Nation and the Iraqi Yazidis