The Butterfly Effect by Luis A

The Butterfly Effect by Luis A. Santamaría

2019 | Mystery & Thriller

The simple flutter of a butterfly can change the world.
One day in the summer of 2006, when little Oli dared to snoop in the medical results of his parents, an ordinary butterfly appeared out of nowhere, and, for no apparent reason, fluttered its wings.

That fall, in Oxford, a lone police officer is robbed while he slept, the same night that a bloody murder takes place on the other side of the city. Oblivious to this, a young Englishwoman plays the violin on the street while thinking of an impossible love in the past. In Madrid, a talented neurosurgeon is accused of the murder of his own patient, the multi-millionaire owner of a famous company. Apparently, none of these stories is related to the events of last October 12 starring Oli and Yayo. Apparently…