Stop People Pleasing: How to Start Saying No, Set Healthy Boundaries, and Express Yourself

Stop People Pleasing: How to Start Saying No, Set Healthy Boundaries, and Express Yourself

Do you say yes to people so often, you’ve forgotten how it feels to say no?

You’re not alone.
Many people spend years putting aside their own wants and needs in order to please the people in their life and avoid conflict. Although there will always be situations where diplomacy is important, you cannot define your life through other people.

There’s a fine line between being considerate of others, and compromising your individuality, and you can slip into living as a people-pleaser without even realizing it.
Maybe you’ve been going through the routines of life feeling that you must keep quiet, and take responsibility for the feelings of others.

Or, maybe you think it’s more important to avoid “rocking the boat” than it is to be your most authentic self.
While these habits might seem to dominate everything you do, there are actionable steps you can take to create a new world–one where you are open and confident in what you say and do.

Just like the relationships you have with others, everyone’s experiences with people-pleasing are unique. However, this individuality often stems from common roots that are keeping you trapped in the box of others’ expectations.
By helping you identify the steps that will assist you the most, Chase Hill shows it is possible to start changing, right here and right now.
In Stop People Pleasing, you will discover:
How the fear of disappointing and upsetting others may be changing who you are as a person that’s going undetected
The 10 signs that indicate people-pleasing characteristics, besides the inability to say no
Why understanding the roots of this habit will empower you to recognize the situations where you’re most likely to ignore your own needs, and act in a more positive manner
A step-by-step 14-day action plan to help you achieve instant and notable improvements
The 4 defense mechanisms specific to people pleasing, how to identify them, and how to respond to them
Multiple exercises and approaches to help you rediscover who you are at heart, breaking free from feeling the need to seek validation from others
Coping mechanisms designed to help you overcome discomfort or frustration as you redefine the boundaries in your life