Reynard, Sylvain- Gabriel’s Inferno [Gabriel 1]

Reynard, Sylvain- Gabriel’s Inferno [Gabriel 1]Genre:

Description:Handsome Gabriel Emerson – the day my dear young professor, a recognized expert on the works of Dante, and at night – a voracious hunter of pleasure. The mind and the sexual attraction always allow him to respond to any moods and whims. But in fact, this darling of fortune deeply unhappy. Dark past and a deep belief that he has already passed point of no return, and he would never get forgiveness for his many sins that plagued it.
When Julia Mitchell – pure, naive and innocent girl – begins to attend his seminars, in Gabriel’s life there comes a steep change. Suddenly broke out sympathy and inexplicable attraction to Julia’s not only jeopardize his academic career, but also to make a hero to go through all the circles of hell, where he faced the past and the present.
“Gabriel’s Inferno” – is not only a story of erotic fantasies and experiences of the seducer and the sinner. This is the story of a hero agonizing attempts to break out of their own hell and achieve the impossible – forgiveness and love.