Paul Hellman – You’ve Got 8 Seconds

Paul Hellman – You’ve Got 8 Seconds


You made a great point — but did anybody hear it?

Probably not, warns high-stakes communication expert Paul Hellman. The average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds.

So whether you’re presenting to a large audience, meeting one-on-one, talking on the phone, or even sending an email, you’ve got to engage others fast, before they tune you out , , , maybe forever.

Your challenge: to get heard, get remembered & get results.

Through fast, fun, actionable tips, You’ve Got 8 Seconds explains what works and what doesn’t, what’s forgettable and what sticks. With stories, scripts, and examples of good and bad messages, the book reveals three main strategies to get heard in a noisy world:

FOCUS: Design a strong message–then say it in seconds.

VARIETY: Make routine information come alive.

PRESENCE: Convey confidence and command attention.

You’ll discover practical techniques, including the Fast-Focus Method, which the author uses to help senior executives make their messages stick; how to stand out in the first seconds of a presentation; and 10 actions that spell executive presence.

The next time you speak, others will either tune in or tune out. You’ve got 8 seconds–make them count!