Nine Day Novel Writing The Basics (Fiction Writing Basics ) by Steve Windsor

Nine Day Novel Writing The Basics (Fiction Writing Basics ) by Steve Windsor

Overview: Are you ready yet? Are you tired of waiting for the novel in your head to magically appear? Tired of being told to “write a little bit a day every day?” How’s that advice working for you? It’s not … is it?

If it was, your novel would be done. But I hear you. When I first learned how to write a novel, that “helpful” information … wasn’t. I went slowly, plodded along, writing a little each day like all the authors told me to. Then I would get disinterested or distracted and my novel would get DEStructed!

You’ve listened to the podcasts, taken the writing workshops, read how to write a novel guides, but your novel still isn’t written. Are you still waiting for that “1 hour a day” conventional wisdom to pay off? Let’s face it, it’s a new ballgame for indie authors!

A numbers game. The number of books you publish, reviews you get, and downloads you can expect are all partly a function of how many words you write—how many books you publish. Conventional “wisdom” is getting us indie authors nowhere.

It’s time to take a different approach! Wouldn’t it be great to have something to show for all your hard work? Forget next year! What about sitting down to proofread your first draft next week?

That’s what this book offers. That’s what I want to show you how to do, because I’ve been there.

In this step-by-step writing workshop—feels more like boot camp adrenaline sprint—Steve Windsor walks you through how he writes novels in 9 “days.” With concrete examples of how to apply story structure, outlining, and plotting, you learn to drive your hero through his or her story.

You CAN write a novel in less time than it takes you to need your next haircut. Steve shows you how blockbuster novels and movies use a formula that’s as old as Aristotle to produce hits.

Packed with examples!
Using examples from his own novels, best selling books… He even makes up a story right before your eyes! Steve is a hands on hardcore writer who will show you just how “easy” it is.

Make no mistake, the Nine Day Novel series isn’t for everyone. Some people like pacing themselves on their way to the death of their dreams of becoming an author. Then again, you aren’t them.

In this motivational writer’s retreat disguised as a fast-paced writing workshop, you’ll learn:

How story structure can help you write faster.
Through mainstream examples and Steve’s own brand of “Darth Vader” humor, Nine Day Novel will keep you pumped up to write.
And the FREE resources?

Inside the Nine Day Novel, you’ll get access to a starter file for one of the most popular writing software packages out there—Scrivener. Rather than spending hours or even days learning and creating a story structure outline, Steve did it for you.
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