Michael Maloof – The Startup Survivor

Michael Maloof – The Startup Survivor


FACT: 90% of startups fail. Don’t be another statistic! Stack the odds in your favor.

The Startup Survivor will arm you with the tools to build products that people actually want, keep you from going broke before you can even get to market, hire a capable and enthusiastic team and lead them toward a common goal. Michael Maloof, successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup advisor shares the insider secrets and real-world techniques you need to beat the odds and find your startup’s best chance of success. Learn from years spent on the startup front lines and follow the patterns he and his wife developed to build and sell multimillion-dollar companies and capture the elusive “ten-x” return on investment. If you’ve ever thought “wish I knew then what I know now” this book is for you! Across several dozen chapters, Michael captures the crucial details he wishes he’d known; one of which would have saved him over $200,000 dollars. You’ll learn how to avoid common traps, focus on what’s most important and make tough decisions. The Startup Survivor is the Ultimate Bushcraft Guide for the Startup Wilderness You will learn…

The Three Most Critical Business Elements – Most startups get this wrong
What Problem Are You Trying to Solve? Losing focus is a fatal mistake
Headcount: No Pain, No Gain – Learn when, why and who to hire
Shipping is a Feature – No product, no cash.
I’m Trying to Give You Money! – Stop making it so difficult

These are just a few of the more than 100 topics covered in sections on Getting Started, Building for Success, Running Lean, Personal Survival Skills, Cultivating Culture, Practical Hiring, Managing Employees, Growing Sales, Marketing Tips and the “L” Word (Lawyers).

Buy this book today, and learn how to defend your business from the people, practices, and delusions that kill 9 out of 10 startups. The Startup Survivor can’t save you from all mistakes, but it just might keep you from making a fatal one.
Like Rework, Zero to One and The $100 Startup, The Startup Survivor was written by someone who has been there, done that and succeeded. This how-to guide for entrepreneurs is a private shark tank experience that asks some tough questions, illustrates successful business growth strategies, and provides real-world insights to help launch and grow your startup.