Joshua Z

Joshua Z. Rappoport – Mapping Humanity


Inside each of your cells is the nucleus, a small structure that contains all of the genetic information encoded by the DNA inside, your genome. Not long ago, the first human genome was sequenced at a cost of nearly $3 billion; now, this same test can be done for about $1,000. This new accessibility of genome sequence information creates huge potential for advances in how we understand and treat disease, among other things. It also raises significant concerns regarding ethics and personal privacy.

In Mapping Humanity: How Modern Genetics Is Changing Criminal Justice, Personalized Medicine, and Our Identities, cellular biology expert Joshua Z. Rappoport provides a detailed look at how the explosion in genetic information as a result of cutting-edge technologies is changing our lives and our world.

Inside, discover:

• An in-depth look at how your personal genome creates the unique individual that you are
• How doctors are using DNA sequencing to identify the underlying genetic causes of disease
• Why the field of gene therapy offers amazing potential for medical breakthroughs—and why it’s taking so long
• The fantastic potential—and troubling concerns—surrounding genome editing
• The real impact—and validity—of popular personal genetic testing products, such as 23andMe
• Details of how molecular biology and DNA are changing the criminal justice system
• Facts you should know about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Throughout, in compelling, accessible prose, Rappoport explores the societal, ethical, and economic impacts of this new era. Offering a framework for balancing the potential risks and benefits of genetic information technologies and genetic engineering, Mapping Humanity is an indispensable guide to navigating the possibilities and perils of our gene-centric future.