James Marrison – The Sleepless Ones

James Marrison – The Sleepless Ones


A gruesome find
A car abandoned by a ramshackle Cotswold farm draws the attention of local police officers. When DCI Guillermo Downes arrives at the farmhouse he finds a sickening scene of devastation and destruction.

A desperate search
Now Downes has a murder investigation to run and almost nothing to go on. What were the ransackers looking for? Why didn’t they take anything? And could there have been a witness who made a lucky escape?

A cover up spanning decades
At first Downes – and his right hand man Sergeant Graves – struggle to find answers. But as they follow the threads of this brutal murder they find a stack of photographs of boys that have been missing for over twenty years.

This case is bigger than Downes and Graves ever expected, and as they close in on the truth they uncover a conspiracy that goes right to the heart of the British establishment itself.