HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE: Learn Psychology System To Read People , Analyze Body Language & Personality Types

HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE: Learn Psychology System To Read People , Analyze Body Language & Personality Types

Have you read articles and books promising to help you develop your ability to read people, but often end up confused by the conflicting advice in them?

Did you sometimes realize in retrospect that you’ve been manipulated by your best friend?

Do you sometimes struggle to understand why your partner is mad at you?

This book is a stepping stone on the path to gaining a better understanding of human nature. I hope you’ll build on it, by applying what you learn in your everyday life, using it to more effectively your interactions with others, in order to be more successful in your relationships, your work and your social life. Understanding the true nature of a person makes you a better negotiator because you can read emotions like desperation, and you are likely to get a better deal than you would if you couldn’t read the person. In addition, it is easier to deflect negative emotions when they are thrown at you because you understand well where they are coming from. You become more empathetic and accommodating of people and their flaws.

Learn how to consciously control the non-verbal messages you are sending without seeming stiff and awkward. Techniques for getting what you ask for and getting it with ease.

Ace those job interviews, one-on-one meetings with your boss and get the promotion you deserve.

Learn how to know what someone wants without ask. Be able to meet her needs without her needing to ask you to.

Some of the topics that you will get to learn about include:

Subconscious gestures
Recognize signs of attraction

Learn how to use your non-verbal communication to influence people

How to get people to say yes before you even ask the questionable

Tips, tricks and techniques to improve your ability to read people

Helps you understand your attitude as a prerequisite for understanding others

Throws more light on some of the most common body language cues

Teaches you to analyze speech patterns

Explains seven compelling reasons why you should learn to analyze people

Shows a practical way to validate what a person says with what their body says

Traces the origins of the different character profile and attitude people have

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