Giovanni Dienstmann – Mindful Self-Discipline

Giovanni Dienstmann – Mindful Self-Discipline


Self-discipline is not about punishment, it’s about self-respect. It is not about being inflexible, but about living your best life. It is the superpower of focus in a world of distractions — allowing you to overcome procrastination, excuses, bad habits, low motivation, failures, and self-doubt. With it, you can stay on track with your values and goals even through the times when you are least inspired.

Self-discipline allows you to choose who you want to be and live by design rather than by default.

As a meditation teacher and self-discipline coach, Giovanni Dienstmann has helped hedge fund managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, ambitious professionals, artists and pro athletes to live a more focused and disciplined life. Since 2014 he has been successfully coaching people to overcome distractions, procrastination, self-doubt, fear, and other forms of self-sabotage. Whatever self-discipline challenge you face, whatever excuse you are telling yourself — Mindful Self-Discipline is a collection of all these years of experience, converted into a tool for you to use.

This revolutionary book is a comprehensive and practical guide for you to develop self-discipline in a balanced way — without beating yourself up. It emphasizes the use of mindfulness and awareness as key components for building habits, rather than forcefulness and willpower. If you have tried other methodologies and failed, then this is for you.

This manual for living your life purposefully contains:

– Over 50 step-by-step exercises
– Over 100 illustrations and diagrams
– Links to the scientific studies about each topic
– Many, many examples — all to make it as easy as possible for you to actually apply all this knowledge and transform your daily life.

If you have tried other approaches (Miracle Morning, Atomic Habits, Willpower Instinct, Tiny Habits, Discipline is Freedom, Hooked, Can’t Hurt Me) and didn’t get the results you were after, then this is for you. Mindful Self-Discipline goes much beyond building habits, time management, and forcing yourself. It is gentler, more achievable, and rooted in living a life of purpose.