Douglas Coupland — All Families are Psychotic

Douglas Coupland — All Families are Psychotic

Description:The novel is the tale of the Drummond family from Vancouver gathering together to watch Sarah Drummond’s rocket blast off at the Kennedy Center. The Drummonds are a group of misfits with a wide array of personal foibles and intricacies. The novel’s plot is the tale of events that reunite the Drummond family after many years of estrangement.
Several plot points of the book include geriatric HIV, armed robbery, death in Walt Disney World, pharmaceutical drug lords, black market baby sales, Daytona Beach, and suicide attempts.
Early in the book the men of the family travel to nearby Walt Disney World where they receive a package destined for the Bahamas containing a letter written by Prince William stolen from Princess Diana’s casket. The men start to travel to the Bahamas to deliver their package, but everything and anything happens to them on the way.
The novel is told in a similar style to Miss Wyoming, with many plot flashbacks. However, the focus in this novel is on the temporally linear plot.