DK: Born to be Wild: How Baby Animals Survive and Thrive

DK: Born to be Wild: How Baby Animals Survive and Thrive

Overview: Imagine learning to leap, roar, swim, or fly for the first time.

Born to Be Wild explores the vast complexities of growing up in the animal kingdom, where everything feels like new.

This ebook goes where no other has to delve into the countless ways baby animals survive in the wild. Alongside gorgeous photographs of baby bears, lions and tigers, marsupials, birds, and marine mammals, it charts the stages from dependency to independence, and looks at why some animals cling to their mothers for many months, while others must learn to run almost as soon as they are born.

Informative step-by-step features focus on particular stages of learning, such as how a lion cub learns to hunt. This ebook focuses on key themes in a young animal’s life: birth and the very first days of life, learning to hunt and feed, senses and communication, habitat and adaptation, and playtime.

Full of beautiful pictures and fascinating science, Born to Be Wild reveals the mysteries of how young creatures survive in an unpredictable world.