Demetria McNeal – You Don’t Say

Demetria McNeal – You Don’t Say


Demetria M. McNeal, Ph.D. is a communication scientist and, in her world, sometimes the things you say can be the things that make it impossible to say anything at all. In her practice, McNeal has figured out why certain topics are stigmatized and why communication breaks down, often at the times we need it most.

In YOU DON’T SAY, Dr. McNeal shares a better way that works.

When it comes to addressing taboo topics with family members and friends, all of us can get it wrong. But what if there were a way to stop merely talking about these issues and instead tap into what communication really means? What if you could address taboo topics in personal relationships in a way that fosters personal growth, true communication, and ultimately better relationships? In YOU DON’T SAY, communication expert Dr. McNeal shows you how to leverage your voice, courage, and inner strength to make any challenging communication successful.

If there were a powerful tool for anyone who wants to renew, restore, and reconnect relationships wouldn’t you want to learn about it?

In YOU DON’T SAY, Dr. McNeal offers concrete examples and solutions through the relationship reset model, a framework for how to restart communication when you feel paralyzed.