Decoding the Why: How Behavioral Science is Driving the Next Generation of Product Design

Decoding the Why: How Behavioral Science is Driving the Next Generation of Product Design

According to numerous neuroscience studies, 95% of our thoughts, emotions, and learnings occur before we are consciously aware of them. However, much of today’s technology is built based on the other 5%; the part users are able to articulate in focus groups, interviews, and when filling out surveys.

It’s our job to decode the other 95%.

Technology has driven progress for decades, and industries have reacted accordingly by dedicating enormous amounts of time and resources to progress in this domain by building bigger, faster, and more sophisticated systems. But what if the key to unlocking the potential of your venture is not simply faster, better technology, but rather an understanding of what drives human behavior?

In Decoding The Why, Nate helps readers find the answers to such questions as:

* What are the social, cognitive and emotional factors that drive human behavior?
* How can I integrate behavioral science to build more effective tech products?
* Is gathering user feedback and doing focus groups a flawed model?
* And more…

An untapped opportunity lies in the fusion of technological innovation and psychological insights. If we unleash this opportunity, could the software that helps individuals lose weight, exercise more, save money, or learn a new skill have a greater impact? And given that these apps touch millions upon millions of people daily, could integrating a behavioral-first approach to building technology have a wide-reaching social impact? Nate believes so and explains how integrating behavioral science into product design will get us there.
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