Cormac McCarthy – The Road

Cormac McCarthy – The Road

Description:Roman Cormac McCarthy – in the opinion of critics is one of the most interesting contemporary American writers, who continue the traditions of Ernest Hemingway and Saul bellow. According to her the film, the American premiere of which is scheduled for November 14, 2008, and the world on November 26 (she already held in Russia by the release of the printing of this issue). The film, however, on our screens will carry the name «the Way» is probably to avoid confusion with the great «Dear» Federico Fellini. The novel in the magazine called «Dear» – translator and editor consider this name more appropriate to the meaning. Not by accident in the original it reads “The Road”, and not “The Path”: all the action going on somewhere (most likely, anywhere) leading the way, according to which the wandering or go to different characters, and each has his own way, but unites them that way.

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