Bill McKendry – Do More Good

Bill McKendry – Do More Good


If you’re passionate about doing good work for a cause—what birthed that desire in you?

Somewhere, somehow, you were stirred by your experiences to do good things in this world. You also decided that you didn’t just want to make a living and survive—you wanted to make a difference.

That’s why communicating effectively and maximizing your organization’s potential are so critical. Raising funds and public awareness are challenging enough for any nonprofit leader, but communicating well is really the fuel that will advance and grow your mission.

Author and entrepreneur Bill McKendry is one of the leading authorities on nonprofit branding and marketing. In Do More Good, he provides incredible insights and tips from his over thirty-five years of helping nonprofit organizations expand their reach and become more effective in their communication. He shares dozens of examples and stories from his captivating career (including spending a day as a homeless man and shooting a commercial with Mother Teresa). Do More Good contains the blueprint you need to magnify your brand’s impact. With Bill’s helpful advice and unique perspectives, you and your team will be inspired and equipped to do even more good.