Ava Wilder – Will They or Won’t They

Ava Wilder – Will They or Won’t They


As the stars of a hit paranormal TV show, Lilah Hunter and Shane McCarthy spent years pining for each other onscreen . . . until Lilah ditched the show in the hopes of becoming a movie star. With no such luck, she’s back to film the much-hyped ninth and final season, in which Lilah and Shane’s characters will get together at last.

But returning means facing the biggest reason she left: Shane. Ever since their secret behind-the-scenes fling imploded at the end of season one, the two of them have despised each other.

Now, under pressure to give the fans the happy ending they’ve been waiting for and with their post-show careers on the line, Lilah and Shane will have to grit their teeth and play nice.

But if they’re not careful, they might get blindsided by one final twist: a real happy ending of their own.