Annie Proulx- Brokeback Mountain

Annie Proulx- Brokeback Mountain
Rating 5.234

Description:Annie Proulx short stories – some of the most original and outstanding in the current literature, and many readers and critics as “Brokeback Mountain,” her masterpiece.
Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, two workers from the farm, met while working as a watchman and shepherd camps in Brokeback Mountain. At the beginning of their relationship seems involuntary and inevitable, but something deeper slips between them that summer. Both guys are working on the ranch, getting married, having children, because so do all the cowboys. But their infrequent meetings are for them the most important thing in life, and they do their best to continue their relationship.
New Yorker magazine was published for “Brokeback Mountain” national journalistic award for “Fiction”, and the story won the O. Henry Award in 1998. Bright, exciting language Proulx describes complex and dangerous relationship of two cowboys, who survived all but the brutal intolerance of society.