The Ancient Indus Valley: New Perspectives

1) The Ancient Indus Valley: New Perspectives – Jane R. McIntosh
ABC-CLIO | 2007 | PDF

This work is a revealing study of the enigmatic Indus civilization and how a rich repertoire of archaeological tools is being used to probe its puzzles.

• A chronological overview that establishes the important phases of the Indus civilization and places Indus society in the historical context of the development of South Asia
• Illustrations showing speculative reconstructions of the Indus civilization’s magnificent cities and photographs of artifacts from exquisite jewelry to beautiful carved seals

2) Ancient Mesopotamia: New Perspectives – Jane R. McIntosh
ABC-CLIO | 2005 | PDF

The first general introduction to Mesopotamia that covers all four of the area’s major ancient civilizations―Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, and Babylonia.

• Original materials and documents, including quotations from the world’s first written literature
• Detailed chronology of the kings of major Mesopotamian states, including neighboring Elam, with summaries of the major periods of prehistoric and historical development

3) Ancient Canaan and Israel: New Perspectives – Jonathan M. Golden
ABC-CLIO | 2004 | PDF

It’s the cradle of civilization, the wellspring of three of the world’s most powerful faiths, a place where vestiges of the ancient past remain vibrantly alive today―but what do we really know about the day-to-day lives and defining culture of the people of Israel and Canaan?

• A rich illustration program including detailed plans of archaeological sites, settlements, and architecture, plus a number of drawings, photos, and scientific illustrations of ancient artifacts
• A variety of regional maps, showing geography, topography, and climate, as well as maps that depict culture areas and trade routes

4) The Ancient Greeks: New Perspectives – Stephanie Lynn Budin
ABC-CLIO | 2004 | PDF

The ancient Greeks established the very blueprint of Western civilization―our societies, institutions, art, and culture―and thanks to remarkable new findings, we know more about them than ever, and it’s all here in this up-to-date introductory volume.

• Includes excerpts from a full range of primary sources, including the Linear B tablets of Mycenae, included to show readers how to understand the process of studying historical documents
• Provides a rich collection of illustrations, drawings, maps, and photographs, including detailed renderings of the Acropolis, Knossos, Akritiri, and other major archaeological sites then and now

5) The Romans: New Perspectives – Kevin McGeough
ABC-CLIO | 2004 | PDF

So many myths and legends. So many senators and Caesars. So many documents, archaeological finds, movie-made misconceptions, and scholarly histories. With so much information available on the civilization of ancient Rome, and more discoveries happening all the time, where do you start?

• An extensive bibliography of all major English-language resources (print, electronic, online) on Roman civilization, along with lists of references for further study concluding each chapter
• Dozens of photographs and drawings, plus detailed maps of Rome and its empire as they evolved over time