Frederick the Great: A Military Life

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1) Frederick the Great: A Military Life – Christopher Duffy
Routledge | 1988 | PDF

For tactical and strategic ingenuity, for daring and ruthless determination and the capacity to inspire troops, Frederick the Great was without equal. In this detailed life of ‘Old Fritz’, Christopher Duffy, who has written widely on the army of Frederick and on the armies of his adversaries, Austria and Russia, has produced a definitive account of his military genius.

2) The Army of Frederick the Great – Christopher Duffy
Hippocrene Books | 1974 | DJVU

This is a study of the greatest army of its time, the army of Frederick the Great, by the finest historian of the wars of the 18th Century. The Prussian military machine is analysed in detail, from top to bottom, from the mentality of the Junkers who led it to the way the men were clothed. The tactics, the recruitment, and the finances of the military are laid bare. A great army is made flesh and blood.